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Dead Space Remake 90-minute Free Trial is available on PC Over the Next Two Weeks

Steam's new feature allows game publishers to release access to the game free for a limited time. Unlike the demo, the free game trial allows players to enjoy the full game features for 90 minutes, which also allows players to test run the game to see whether their PC could handle it or not.

In this case, the first free game trial would be the Dead Space Remake by Motive and Electronic Arts. The Dead Space Remake free game trial will be available on PC via Steam until May 29.

Keep in mind that after 90 minutes are up, players will have to buy the full game to continue playing. With that being said, the Dead Space Remake is currently having a 20% off on Steam for RM159.20 (ori RM199), the offer will end on 30 May. It's about time to check out the third-person sci-fi horror shooter on Steam now if you haven't.

Source: Steam News

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