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Dead by Daylight Teases Castlevania Crossover!

The popular multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylight has officially revealed a trailer on their official Twitter page, which revealed another haunting and spooky crossover in the works with horror action-adventure video game series Castlevania.

Asides from the trailer, not much else was revealed about the collaboration, and it was also showed that more information about this crossover will be revealed on August 6th 2024.

In addition to this news, Dead by Daylight also revealed some other news as well, such as a 2v8 Mode, where two killers will team up together in order to take on a 8 survivors and prevent them from escaping in a "larger map". More information about this mode will be released by July 2024.

Furthermore, the game also provided more details about their upcoming collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons that will be released on June 3rd 2024.

Dead by Daylight has already conducted several collaborations with many big name franchises such as Silent Hill, Attack on Titan and even Stranger Things.

Be sure to check out the game out in Steam now in order to experience the horrors before these crossover chapters releases!


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