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AMD's Lead Radeon Discrete GPU Architect Joins Intel

Rohit Verma, Senior Fellow and Lead Radeon Discrete GPU Architect of AMD Technologies has recently joined Intel to work with Pat Gelsinger as the new Lead Product Architect of Discrete GPU SoCs. Verma started his career with AMD in 2013 as a Fellow and Led SoC Architect in the Semi-Custom Business Unit. Almost five years later, he became Senior Fellow and Led SoC Architect for Discrete GPUs at AMD for over three years.

Over the years spent in AMD, Verma worked on projects covering discrete graphics cards for desktop and laptops and the much broader SoC architecture disciplines involving CPUs, GPUs, fabric, power management, and security.

Actually, Verma has had some history with Intel as he had worked at Intel as Lead SoC Architect from 1999 - 2013. Interestingly, Verma's years at Intel overlapped with Gelsinger's by a few years. Gelsinger joined Intel in 1979 and became GM of Intel’s Desktop Products Group in 1999 when Verma started his career in the same year.


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