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13 Minutes to Fully Charge? Vivo's APEX 2020 Smartphone Promises to Do Just That

Last year, Vivo announced their new 120W Super FlashCharge technology which is capable of charging a 4,000mAh battery to full in just 13 minutes.

Image credit: Sina

Now, we can finally see it in action on a consumer smartphone. The Vivo APEX 2020 will be making its debut at MWC 2020, and will be the first Vivo phone to have the highly-anticipated feature.

If you don't have 13 minutes to spare, you can top up the APEX 2020's battery to 50% in just 5 minutes. This is a blessing for anyone who's had their morning ruined by forgetting to charge their phone the night before.

Leaked image - Credit: Tou Tiao

In fact, Super FlashCharge technology may change our charging habits altogether. Gone will be the days of charging your phone overnight, or plugging it into a powerbank and going to sleep with it in your hand (maybe you should stop doing this).

Just to highlight how crazily powerful 120W is, the Huawei P30 Pro only offers 40W charging, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is slightly better at 45W.

No further details have been revealed (apart from the leaked render above), so you'll have to wait for MWC2020 at the end of the month to find out more. #vivo #apex2020 #smartphone #fastcharging


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