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Zepp Health Unveils Zepp OS 3.5 with Zepp Flow™

Zepp Health, a global leader in smart wearables and health technology, has announced its latest operating system update, Zepp OS 3.5 at MWC Barcelona 2024, which includes a significant advancement in user experience through its newest feature: Zepp Flow™.

Zepp Flow™ is the key highlight of Zepp OS 3.5. It's more than just a voice assistant; it represents a Natural-Language User Interface (LUI) powered by Large Language Model (LLM) AI. This translates to a more intuitive and natural way to interact with your smartwatch.

Here's what Zepp Flow™ aims to achieve:

  • Effortless interaction: Imagine a seamless connection between you and your device, allowing you to ask questions, give instructions, and access features using natural language, just like having a conversation.

  • Paradigm shift in user experience: Zepp Flow™ aims to go beyond the limitations of traditional voice assistants by providing a more conversational and fluid experience.

  • Enhanced user control: The LLM AI technology behind Zepp Flow™ allows for a deeper understanding of user intent, potentially leading to more accurate responses and personalized recommendations.

While the full capabilities of Zepp OS 3.5 and Zepp Flow™ are yet to be fully revealed, it signifies a significant step forward in how we interact with wearable devices. It promises a more intuitive, natural, and personalized user experience, potentially setting a new standard for the future of wearable technology. Devices will be able to upgrade to the latest OS via a firmware update, availability as below:

Amazfit Balance

February 26th - US, Canada, UK, Ireland

May 1st - France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, and San Marino

Amazfit Cheetah series, Amazfit Falcon, Amazfit T-Rex Ultra

May 28th to June 11th - Rolling basis

Amazfit Active

June 20th


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