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YouTube's Website Gets a Touch-Friendly Update for Tablets

Tablet users will be happy with YouTube's latest update, which improves quality of life for those who prefer using the desktop site. The changes include the having the 'three-dot' menu persistently on screen - prior to this update you'd have to hover over the video title with a cursor for this menu to show.

Apart from that, new gestures have also been implemented, allowing users to swipe between full-screen and miniplayer mode; icon sizes have also been increased for easier tapping and navigation.

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Aside from touch-friendly optimisations, the web version of YouTube has been tweaked to show a more detailed watch history, and the ability to organise videos in playlists has been reinstated.

Some users may still prefer to use the dedicated YouTube app for browsing, but this update is still great for those who prefer to do as much as they can via their tablet's web browser.


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