YouTube is Testing Cheaper "Premium Lite" Subscription

Many of us are probably annoyed by the amount of ads we're seeing while watching videos on YouTube - and when the YouTube Premium ad pops out recommending you to subscribe to get rid of ads, it's a bit pricey for your little wallet. Well, YouTube might have heard your frustration and is working on a cheaper "Premium Lite" subscription.

A Resetera user has spotted the new YouTube Premium Lite available in Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden while trying to cancel her original Premium subscription. Unlike YouTube Premium plan, the Premium Lite plan offers only the ad-free feature across YouTube and YouTube Kids. That means subscribers of YouTube Premium Lite won't be able to enjoy background play and offline downloads.

The Premium Lite costs €6.99 (~RM35) per month, which is around 60% cheaper than the €11.99 (~RM60) it costs for YouTube Premium. However, the current Malaysian price for YouTube Premium is RM17.90 so we expect that there will be price adjustments according to varying regions but we're still not sure how much that would be when it comes to Malaysia. In addition, Youtube confirmed with The Verge that it's currently testing the new plan in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Norway too.

There's still no news if YouTube will roll out the Premium Lite plan globally or if it will be a success in the tested countries.

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