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You Can Now Pre-Order These Gorgeous Neon Genesis Evangelion TWS Earphones

Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion, or "EVA", are really being spoiled this year. After the release of a limited edition phone and G-Shock watch, the iconic anime series is now receiving special edition TWS earphones as well.

These earphones are made by earphone and headphone company S'NEXT, under the "final" brand. You'll be able to choose from 3 colourways representing EVA Unit 01 (Shinji), EVA Unit 02 (Asuka), and Mark 06 (Kaworu) respectively.

First announced back in April, these nifty little gadgets are finally available for pre-order on the NTV shop for ¥18,000 (~RM732) plus tax.

If you prefer a wired solution, there's also a pair of cool bullet-shaped earphones available.

It certainly isn't as flashy-looking as its TWS counterparts, but the price is considerably cheaper as well at just ¥2,980 (~RM121). You can check them out here.


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