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You can now archive the app instead of uninstalling the app entirely to save space

New method to free up some spaces in your android devices

Google first announced an archive feature earlier this year, claiming it can help users to free up around 60% of their device storage for apps without having to uninstall the app entirely. Referring to the screenshots shared by AssembleDebug (thanks The Verge) shows that the feature will be built into the Google Play Store, allowing users to select between uninstalling and archiving the application. However, only Google News is supporting this feature for now.

The Google Play Store gives you estimated storage that will be saved by archiving the unused application, complete with additional information when you tap the archive button: "By archiving your apps, Play Store will delete the apps while holding onto your data and documents. When you need the app back, just tap on the app icon to re-download."

(image: The Verge)

At this moment, the archiving feature is still in the development process and it is expected to arrive before the end of the year to all Android users. Though, there is no information about which app will be supporting these features first. Still, it is a quick way to save space problems on your Android phones.


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