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YGG SEA Invites Malaysians to Earn through Blockchain-Based Games

In its efforts to nurture Southeast Asia as the largest play-to-earn (P2E) virtual economy, Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) is calling you to join its journey via the P2E block-chain based game, Axie Infinity.

By signing up for a game account through YGG SEA, also known as obtaining a "scholarship" from the guild, you will be able to play Axie Infinity for free and will be entitled to 70% of their earnings from in-game efforts while YGG SEA will take the remaining 30% as the owner of the non-fungible token (NFT) used in gameplay. With YGG SEA, you'll get to earn more as other guilds will only allow you to collect up to 60% of the earnings. While you'll be able to earn everything for yourself without any guild, you will need to pay between US$800 - US$2000 (~RM3,358 - RM8,396) in order to play the game.

Headquartered in Philippines, YGG SEA is a subDAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) of the leading crypto gaming league Yield Guild Games (YGG). Its main role is to serve as a platform that pools investors' funds to facilitate the purchase of NFT. It provides support to those who wish to join P2E games to purchase NFT. Those who registered with YGG SEA will receive weekly training sessions and join discussions on the YGG SEA Discord channel. It also regularly drops benefits like lucky draws and free game tokens for the participants.

To date in Malaysia, YGG SEA scholars are able to play the most popular P2E blockchain game, Axie Infinity. To create an account, players will need to have a Ronin wallet first, which is a cryptocurrency wallet. Once they are in the game, players will have access to NFT, either loaned or owned, and they can begin their gameplay. Players who complete challenges or win battles in the game will receive rewards through smooth love potions (SLP), a cryptocurrency in Axie Infinity that can then be cashed out for local currency.

Players can also choose to use their SLP to breed more Axies, the in-game pets or virtual avatars, to be sold on the Axie Infinity open market. To put up their Axies for sale, players would need to connect their Ronin wallet.

Earlier this month, YGG has successfully raised US$15 million (~RM62,977,500) to support the adoption of P2E gaming in Southeast Asia. To date, YGG SEA's Discord channel has garnered more than 38,000 members while the guild has over 7,000 scholars worldwide. In less than 2 months since YGG SEA's local establishment, it has seen 300 scholars from Malaysia and Singapore.

"We are excited to amplify play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming within the local market as Malaysia certainly is an untapped potential for growth in this segment," said Evon Chay, Country manager of YGG SEA in Malaysia. "Our successful experience in building

the P2E economy in the Philippines is a prime example of the impact of virtual economy

where some users were able to make more from blockchain-based games, compared to

wages from their jobs."

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