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Worms Armageddon Gets Battle Royale Update

I won't lie, this got me just a little bit excited.

Team 17's hit turn-based invertebrates killing simulation just hit 25 today, and what better way to celebrate than to mix things up a little to reignite our nostalgia? The Worms Armageddon Update 3.8 started out as a fan-made mod, but caught the eyes of the developers - and sure enough, it was made into an official patch.

In this latest patch, several new features (such as adjusting physics in a map, new AI, and the ability to utilise the poor destroyed landscape that was a previous match's remains) were added to the game, but one in particular stood out - a 48-worm, 6-player-team battle royale! Rolled out on Steam recently, Windows 10 and Linux users will rejoice as the developers have also improved compatibility for the two operating systems.

Better chatting and social features were also included in this patch, and the old game modes we know and love are still available in the game - sounds like a reason to start up this old boy and give it a spin again!


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