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World War Z: Aftermath Horde Mode XL Begins on Jan 24 Along a New Map

Can you handle more than 1000 zombies swarming at you at the time?

A launch trailer has just been released, showing some first-look details about how many zombies players will face in World War Z: Aftermath's new Horde Mode XL. The new mode will be available tomorrow, along with a new weapon progression system.

Horde Mode XL takes place in a new area centered around a mall to accommodate the horde of zombies heading your way. There is a survivor camp consisting of 3 different locations and your objective is to keep the zombie hordes at a distance.

The 3 locations are listed below:

  • The Restaurant Area: The swarm attacks from the temple and the village

  • The Riverside Area: The swarm attacks from the city

  • The Construction Area: The swarm attacks from the factory

A new weapon progression system will be added in addition to Horde Mode XL. When it comes to weapon stats, this system does not take skins into account, and you will instead customize your loadout using weapon perk slots.

As announced on PlayStation.Blog, World War Z: Aftermath will be receiving more exciting updates in the year 2023. World War Z: Aftermath is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


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