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Wild Rift Esports Announces Eight Regional Leagues and the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship

Today, Wild Rift Esports officially kicked off its first season during Riot Games' Season 2022 live stream with the announcement of 8 regional leagues joining its ecosystem. Southeast Asia's regional league, the Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) will include 6 sub-regions: Malaysia & Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Registration for open qualifiers are now open until 15 January with the following requirements:

  • A team must consist minimum of six (6) players.

  • A team must consist of at least three (3) sub-region resident players and no more than two (2) import players.

  • Every player must be 17 years of age or older at the time of registration.

The open qualifiers will follow a Swiss Bracket format, where each team will play 7 rounds

of best-of-3 matches. Teams that lost 3 rounds will be automatically eliminated. The top 8 teams will advance into the knockout stage to compete in a double-elimination bracket for a spot in the regular season. Register for the open qualifiers here.

From 25 February - 27 March, the regular season will take place over a duration of 5 weeks where the 8 qualifying teams will play twice against every other team in best-of-3 matches. The top 6 teams will then march to the WCS Playoffs from 1 -10 April.

In addition, Wild Rift has announced its first official global tournament, the Wild Rift Icons

Global Championship, which will take place this summer in Europe. The tournament will feature 24 teams, 8 from regional competitions and 16 from the play-in stage. After the play-in, there will be a group stage and a knockout stage before the finals crown the first-ever Wild Rift world champion.

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