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Whisper Mountain Outbreak Announced

Toga Productions has announced their brand new project, Whisper Mountain Outbreak is coming to Steam during their 14th Anniversary Livestream.

Whisper Mountain Outbreak is an isometric cooperative PVE multiplayer survival horror game where you and your friends must work together to escape the cursed fog-covered Gunung Bisik.



It’s 1998. A mining operation on Gunung Bisik inadvertently unleashed an ancient horror when they disturbed a ruin buried deep inside the mountain.

People started hearing whispers and seeing monsters when a mysterious fog suddenly appeared and covered the area surrounding the mountain. Now, you and your friends are trapped in the cursed Gunung Bisik.


Key Features

  • Build Barricades and Fight the Horde – Monsters will come in waves. You and your team must fortify your defences and fight them off using a variety of melee and ranged weapons.

  • Explore, Solve Puzzles, and Find a Way to Escape… Together! – Work together to solve puzzles, find keys, unlock doors, and figure out a way to escape the cursed mountain.

  • Uncover the Town’s Dark Secrets and Find the Truth – Read notes, talk with NPCs, and learn the hidden secrets behind the cursed fog-covered town and the people that inhabit it.

  • Claustrophobic, Suspenseful, Dark, and Creepy Atmosphere – A lingering fog, tight rooms, limited visibility, and limited resources.

The game is up for wishlist now on Steam and listed below are the requirements to run the game:


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