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Wemade Co., Ltd Will Launch Mir 4 Globally on 26 August

Wemade Co., Ltd has announced the global grand opening of its MMORPG - Mir 4 - set to launch on 26 August across 170 countries in 12 languages. Following the successful completion of the closed beta, players can now pre-register the game on Google Play Store, App Store, and the official website.

Mir 4 offers unique features to its players including:

  • High level of character customisation, which allows players to play with the appearance

  • Clan, which lets players progress and grow with other clan members

  • Free Loot, which allows players to strategise while competing to secure the treasure dropped by a battle's boss

  • Mystery, which gives players access to discover hidden stories and travel around continents

The global version of the game uses blockchain technology NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and FT ( Utility Coin) which can be experienced through characters and black iron resources.

Players who pre-register the game will receive rewards that can be used when the game launches.


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