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MIR 4 Launches Closed Beta Testing

South Korean video game company WeMade has launched the closed beta of its open-world K-fantasy MMORPG MIR 4, which will be available till 8 August. The closed beta can be downloaded on App Store, Google Play Store, Steam, and the MIR 4 official website. It supports languages in English, both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

During the closed beta, players will be able to play MIR 4's epic story mode set in the Mir Continent. They can also experience adventurous quests and missions, dungeons events, and participate in raids with other players, including some flying martial arts action throughout the continent. "They will also have full access to fundamental game systems, including “free looting” which is the core of MIR 4’s battle system, allowing them to enjoy the unique and varied gameplays of MIR 4," said the press release.

Players will receive in-game items to assist them in quests and participation awards. The global version will be tweaked according to players' feedback of the closed beta testing.

According to WeMade, the global release of MIR 4 will be available in 170 countries (including Malaysia) and 12 languages using NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and FT (Fungible Token) technology, which integrates blockchain technology into video games.

Visit MIR 4's official website for more details.


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