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VR for Cheap? The Oculus Go Gets a 25% Permanent Price Cut

Looking for an entry-level VR device that won't break the bank? You're in luck. cause the Oculus Go has just had its price slashed from US$199 (~RM807) to US$149 (~RM604).

The new price will be effective in every country the Go is available - it is is already reflected on its online stores, and will be rolled out to all channels soon.

The Oculus Go offers very basic VR capabilities - it only tracks 3 degrees of freedom, which is essentially only head movement (rolling, pitching, yawing) and not full body movement. Also, it only comes with 1 remote and an older Snapdragon 821 processor.

However, it is still a good deal for this price if you're looking for a basic, stationary VR experience, such as 360° videos and watching Netflix while lying down in bed.


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