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vivo V29 5G review - The Starry Purple Fashionable Potrait Photography Smartphone

vivo continues its trend of releasing V-series updates twice a year, and the most recent addition to the lineup is the V29 5G that has been just released in Malaysia—a competent midrange for the global market. It builds upon the previous model's 'Aura light 2.0' concept with a dedicated color-changing illuminator on the back, adds an extra high-res display, and introduces dust and water resistance for the first time in a non-flagship device within the vivo smartphones.


Paired with a sleek glass design and a standout camera island, the smartphone has the 'premium' touch adopted the waterfall display trend. The screen gracefully curves around the sides, pushing the boundaries of design. As for the color variant, the V29 Starry Purple emerges as the fashion trendsetters. The back of the phone glitters and shines like stars, showcasing its premium design.

Even with a case on, the vivo V29 5G remains remarkably comfortable to hold, boasting a slim profile that allows for effortless one-handed use. Weighing in at 186g, it offers a substantial feel without becoming unwieldy, while its 7.5mm thickness, though not the slimmest, provides a comfortable grip. Sporting a 90% screen-to-body ratio, it masterfully disguises itself as a mere display.

Beneath the display resides a responsive fingerprint reader, ensuring quick and accurate access. Additionally, there's no microSD card slot, and the vivo V29 5G accommodates only a single SIM, albeit with eSIM capability.

As for the color variant, the V29 Starry Purple emerges as the fashion trendsetters. The rear craftsmanship texture, coupled with the dazzling starry design, creates a visual symphony, giving the sensation of cradling the entire night sky in the palm of your hand.


The standout feature of the vivo V29 5G is undoubtedly its "aura light 2.0" a generously sized flash located within the main camera module. Paired with an impressive 50-megapixel primary camera boasting a sizable 1/1.56-inch image sensor, the aura light serves as a miniature fill light, casting a broader illumination than standard flashes. This proves especially advantageous in low-light conditions, outshining conventional flash capabilities.

vivo V29 5G has now additional double exposure photo mode compared to V27. The key feature of its innovative Aura Light 2.0 and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment enable users to capture and celebrate every moment of their exciting lives in any environment which is a steal of an upgrade to vivo V27.

The Aura Light 2.0. uses AI to detect surroundings, this feature

ensures that your facial appearance remains balanced and natural, perfect for

capturing moments even in varying lighting conditions.As you can see from the picture below, the RGB external lighting causes the image to be covered by specific colors, but with vivo’s Aura Light 2.0, users can take pic in different light conditions such as concert, theme park and more.

(Auralight off vs on)

Diving into the specifications, as the front sensor sports an impressive 50MP resolution, surpassing most competitors. Notably, the front sensor features autofocus, a blessing for both photography and videography. On the rear, a 50MP 1/1.56 snapper takes the lead, equipped with optical image stabilization. It is complemented by an 8MP ultrawide lens and a 2MP depth sensor dedicated to portrait mode.

Below is some picture taken in the Launch Event with vivo V29 5G camera.

The picture below shows a comparison of vivo's normal zoom, 2x zoom,5x zoom and the hyper 20x zoom.

This phone also features Ultrawide mode in front camera, allowing you to capture group photos with your friends effortlessly at ease.

(Normal mode vs Ultrawide mode)

In its commitment to enriching your photography experience, vivo has gone the extra mile by introducing a variety of innovative modes in the latest vivo V29 5G, each designed to elevate your content creation to new heights. Among these, the enticing "Food Mode" stands out as a culinary enthusiast's dream.

There’s also Supermoon Mode where you can take advantage of up to 10X zoom. It brings the cosmos closer to you, letting you capture the beauty of the night moon with unprecedented clarity.

(Normal Camera Mode vs Supermoon Camera Mode)


The vivo V29 5G lives up to expectations in terms of specifications. Powering this device is the Snapdragon 778G 5G, a slightly older chipset that may raise an eyebrow. However, this Snapdragon engine, though not the latest and greatest, keeps the vivo V29 5G running smoothly. Coupled with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a generous 512GB of storage, both of which surpass the needs of Android, the device effortlessly handles everyday tasks, rarely missing a beat.

In addition to its speed, the vivo V29 5G also prioritizes your eye health with SGS eye protection. The 120Hz 1.5K AMOLED display not only delivers stunning visuals but also reduces strain on your eyes during extended use, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Despite its slim design, the vivo V29 5G comes with a substantial 80W Flash Charge + 4,600mAh battery pack. In just 18 minutes, you can charge up to 50% of the battery! Combined with the relatively modest and power-efficient processor, the device sets the stage for commendable battery life.


With all of the changes, the vivo V29 5G takes everything we liked about the V27 Series and takes it one step further. The vivo V29 5G is one of the most capable midrange camera-focused smartphones available on the market. As for the price, it didn’t change too much either. If you are interested, head into vivo's Official Linktree to get your exclusive First Sale promotion price now!


First sale:

V29 5G 12+ 256GB: RM1899

V29 5G 12+512GB: RM2099

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First sale from 28/9/2023 - 27/10/2023

Official Site:


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