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Valorant's Upcoming Rank Changes: New 'Act Rank' and More

Valorant's planned changes towards matchmaking gives leeway for bad days, and takes into account players with ladder anxiety. Maybe finally I can hit Gold after all these changes?

Riot is moving Valorant away from the standard MMR-tied ranking system, and is planning to make something more robust and accurate. Starting next season, or 'Act II' (there are 6 Acts planned per year), Riot will implement Act Ranks.

In its essence, an Act Rank will only take into account your 9 best ranked wins of the act, as well as the total amount of wins throughout the act. If you've reached Radiant and won 9 games there, but then started a downward spiral as you tilt and keep meeting bad teammates, don't feel depressed, as the game will only care about the 9 games.

At the end of the act, your Act Rank will be preserved as a badge on your player card in Competitive Games and career history, while your matchmaking rank will still reflect your current rating. Your Act Rank Badge will be your e-peen - an indication of how you've been playing in the past 2 months, so it's best to keep grinding!


Too long, didn't read? Here's a summary of the planned changes for you, but you can read the full developer's note here.

  • Starting August 2, Act 2 will feature Act Ranks

  • Act Ranks are based on your 9 highest ranked wins and total wins in the act

  • Your friends will be able to inspect your Match History, including matchmaking rank and Act Rank progress

  • Your Act Rank progress will be displayed in your Career tab

  • Starting from Act 2 onwards, players will be placed in abridged placements (3 games instead of 5, taking in account MMR from previous Act, as well as a more conservative placement, so expect to be lower than what you've hit before)


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