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Valorant's New Skin Series is a Must Buy

Known for releasing intricate and aesthetically beautiful graphics and skins, Riot Games one-ups themselves with Valorant's latest Skin Series - Elderflame.

As the game's first "Ultra Edition" skin series, all eyes were definitely on what would qualify as "Ultra Edition", and boy, did Riot Games deliver and more. With 5 weapon skins included in the bundle, the skins comes with custom visual effects as well as custom last-kill animations (which are very very cool). I mean, what better way to die than to be engulfed in dragon flame?

The skin series comes with weapon skins for the knife, Operator, Vandal, Frenzy and Judge. Not only will you be stroking an extremely cool dragon, the reload animations are one-of-a-kind as well. As with other higher tier skins in the game, you are able to unlock additional colour variants with Radianite points.

The pricing is something to wince at (around 100USD for the full bundle, and even more if bought individually), but I'm sure the wife would understand if we had instant noodles for dinner for the next... two weeks?


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