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Valorant Act III Arrives Today, Along with the Early Release of "Icebox" Map

Riot Games' hit shooter Valorant launched Act III today, bringing along with it a whole slew of changes, including a new map, a brand new agent named Skye, a new weapon skinline, as well as changes to competitive mode and miscellaneous content updates to the game.

New Map: Icebox

Here's a treat for players - the new map Icebox has been released ahead of schedule. According to the press release, Icebox is "an abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness is the next location to flex your aim and abilities." The map features ziplines and two objectives sites which favour frequent skirmishes. You can check it out below:


New Agent: Skye

The early release of the new map comes at a price though - new agent Skye will be dropping in 2 weeks later than planned, due to more emphasis being placed on a smooth rollout of Patch 1.10 and a higher demand for the new map instead.

Skye is a nature-themed agent who uses her band of beasts to amplify both the health and strength of her team while tracking down opponents. You can check out her skillset here:


New Weapon Skinline: Singularity

A new skin collection has also dropped, featuring the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee weapon reskinned with a chunky geometric black exterior and glowing purple accents.


Competitive Refresh

As always, the Valorant dev team endeavours to make the rank climb smoother by introducing updates that improve quality off life and the long term health of organized team play. here are the new changes you'll find in Act III:

  • Upgrade Act Rank Badge with the next Competitive Act

  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for tighter matchmaking

  • Select your preferred server and improve your ping

  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses


New Gun Buddy to welcome MENA players

The Middle East and North Africa have officially been welcomed to (low ping) Valorant via the formal introduction of a new server based in Bahrain. To celebrate the arrival of our fellow Valorant players from the MENA region, a new gun buddy will be available to all players who log in on 28 October.


Act III Battlepass

The Battlepass is making a comeback with improvements, including revamped weekly mission progress for faster unlocks and additional Epilogue tiers. If you're a collector, prepare to set aside time to farm up Act III exclusives like the “Chilly McFreeze” Gun Buddy, the “Radianite Hazard” Player Card, and the Viper Spray. Purchasing the Premium version of the Battlepass will unlock access to rewards like the Ruin Vandal, “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky (with variants!)


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