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Until Dawn is Set to get a Remake!

Until Dawn the interactive drama horror game developed by Supermassive Games is set to receive a remake and will be releasing in Fall 2024. Powered by the Unreal Engine 5, the game is set to release with improved textures, lighting and an engine upgrade.

The remake is said to feature a new third-person perspective for a more immersive, horrifying experience for fans to enjoy. In addition to this, the remake is said to include more locations, interactive events as well as collectibles scattered throughout the game, for fans to search and collect.

These changes are said to help players experience the tragedy and horrors "of that fateful night" in the game, which would make their overall experience more scary. It would also be able to make the game feel fresh, even for those who has played the game before.

The Until Dawn's remake is said to be releasing on both the PlayStation 5 console and PC in the fall of 2024. However, the exact release date of the game has yet to be released.

During the PlayStation State of Play in May, a trailer for the Until Dawn Remake was shown, which showcases the visual improvements made by the Unreal Engine 5. The game's horror element is enhanced from the dark shadows and contrast, and this will get new players and old alike to question what will happen at every second.

Until Dawn tells the story of eight friends who head to Blackwood Mountain, gathering together on the first anniversary of Hannah and Beth Washington's disappearance, after the result of a cruel prank. However, after arriving to the mountain, what was supposed to be a gathering between friends turns into something much worse after an unknown assailant begins hunting the group, one by one.

Players are tasked to ensure that the characters all survive the night. In addition to the unknown attacker, there are also various supernatural events that the group also have to deal with. Presented as an interactive horror film, players navigate a series of set pieces with a fixed camera, forcing them to explore every nook and cranny for signs of interactivity. And in the upcoming remake, players will be able to get up close and personal with the horrifying secrets of Blackwood Mountain with this new change.


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