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Unlock Free Fire's Awakened Moco and More Tomorrow

Survivors, have you managed to unlock Moco's awakened character? If you haven't, all you need to do is log in to the game tomorrow and you will receive her character for free!

Besides her character, you are now able to get your hands on the Moco: Rebirth's exclusive items, including the Moco SPAS12 and AUG as well as Moco Scythe and Gloowall.

You can also stand a chance to win the Moco Scythe and Gloowall along with a Moco-themed backpack through the Collection Party event from now until 21 September.

Tomorrow, you'll also be able to redeem the Cosmic Teleportia Bundle and the Phantom Microzark Bundle for free in the Coder’s Crib Level 5 Horizon Store.

Malaysian Survivors, you can join the Moco Madness live stream tonight at 8pm featuring the showdown between Team Moco and Team Horizon on Free Fire's YouTube channel and Facebook page. You will get a chance to fight with the streamers and receive special prizes while contributing scores to each team.

Additionally, the Moco: Rebirth music video will be released on 20 September, featuring the awakened Moco and Steffie.


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