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Free Fire Moco's In-Game Event Moco: Rebirth Is Live Now

Free Fire's famous hacker, Moco is getting her own in-game event - Moco: Rebirth - starting today. The event will introduce players to the awakened Moco, who helped her friend Steffie escape from prison. Players will get exclusive collectibles, a refreshed interface, and rewards in the new event.

During the event period, players will have access to the event's main interface, Coder's Crib, where players can find daily activities and rewards. Players who log in to the game daily will receive Moco currencies, which can be exchanged for exclusive items in the Horizon store. Survivors can also look forward to Moco: Rebirth-themed costumes and collections. Additionally, there will also be a new pet, Sensei Tig, and other exclusive pet skins available during the event.

In conjunction with the event, Malaysian Survivors can join the Moco Madness community live stream event on 17 September at 8pm. The live stream will see old and new Survivors fighting against each other as Team Moco and Team Horizon. You can show your support by participating in the games or vote for your favourite team on social media. The event will be live streamed on Free Fire Malaysia's YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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