Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is Free on Steam for a Limited Time

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, the game about spawning hordes of soldiers (or chickens) and unleashing them upon each other, is currently free to grab on Steam.

The free deal will last from now till February 2 at 1:59 AM. Once you add it to your library, it’ll remain yours to keep.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator was released in 2017 and allows players to pick units ranging from Roman centurions and medieval soldiers to orcs and World War 2 troopers. Units can be spawned in the tens of thousands, although the Steam description advises most machines to not go past the 10,000 count (before adding “its [sic] your CPU, do what you want!”)

Developer Brilliant Game Studios also said that there will be an “extremely huge and ‘epic’ live announcement on its YouTube channel on January 29 (10am PST). It added that the announcement is not related to the Epic Games Store, so it’s likely to be new battle simulator of some sort.