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UFC Fighter Teabags Opponent After Winning

If you’ve ever played a shooter game, you’ve probably heard of teabagging. It's the act of spamming the crouch button as a method of taunting your enemies. Teabbaging was first popularised in Halo but soon spread to other shooters like Call Of Duty.

If you thought getting teabagged in-game was humiliating, just be glad you aren’t UFC Fighter Jordan Leavitt who just got teabbaged in real life.

In a match against Paddy Pimblett, Leavitt was forced into submission by Pimblett in the second round. After winning the fight, Pimblett proceeded to immediately teabag on his opponent without missing a beat.

While this video failed to show Leavitt’s reaction to the taunt, there was no doubt he would feel a bit embarrassed if he knew what teabagging was.


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