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Two New Monster Hunter Games Are Coming To The Switch In 2021

The Nintendo Switch is getting two new Monster Hunter games in 2021.

The first is Monster Hunter Rise, which features a new item called the Wirebug. It allows players to yank themselves towards any direction, creating more mobility and introducing extra cool factor. If that isn’t enough, players will also be able to wall-run.

Rise will also have new monsters like the Tetranadon, Great Izuchi, Aknosom, and Magnamolo, as well as a new Buddy called the Palamute. The Palamute is a canine-like creature that players can ride on.

The other Monster Hunter game is Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Like the first game, which was a mobile title, it’s an RPG set in the Monster Hunter world. The visuals are more cartoony than the mainline Monster Hunter games, and there will be monsters on your side.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release in 26 March 2021, while Monster Hunter Stories 2 will release sometime in summer 2021. #monsterhunter #nintendoswitch #MH


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