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Two More Free Games on Epic Games Store This Week

The comic-book art style FPS Void Bastards and open-world platform game Yooka Laylee are free on Epic Games Store this week.

Void Bastards

First released in 2019, Void Bastards is a science fiction first-person shooter and roguelike video game made by Australian studio Blue Manchu. Players will take on the role of one of many replaceable prisoners, invading other ships, fighting enemies, and salvaging materials to repair their own ship. Another prisoner will replace the previous one if players die in the game, and players will lose all their ammunition, fuel, and food. However, elements like weapons and gadgets upgrades will be retained, as well as objective progress.

Yooka Laylee

A spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kajooie series, Yooka Laylee is a game where players will assume control of a chameleon called Yooka and a bat called Laylee on their quest to retrieve pages from the magical "One Book" from the evil Hivory Towers Corporation. Players must complete challenges to collect the lost pages, "Pagies". As players progress the game, they will be able to learn new abilities like sonar blasting, tongue whipping, and sky soaring. There are also edible berries in the game that can help players to gain temporary powers such as fire breath and underwater breathing.

The game will feature minecart challenges, arcade games, quiz shows, and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes include a co-op mode for two players and a local multiplayer mode for 2 - 4 players playing eight different mini-games.

Void Bastards can be downloaded here and Yooka Laylee can be claimed here.


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