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Twitter Rolls Out New Design Tweaks and Voice Transformer for Spaces

Twitter has rolled out a series of design tweaks to its web and mobile app.

In a thread post, the company's design team has outlined a number of new changes and one of them is the font "Chirp", which was introduced back in January. According to Twitter, Chirp can align all tweets in the Western language to the left-hand side of the interface which the company believes will make it easier for users to read content as they scroll their timeline.

Twitter has also made some changes to their colours with "high contrast and a lot less blue" to draw more attention to the media users tweet. Twitter also reveals that it will be introducing new colours soon.

Lastly, the redesign removes a lot of visual clutter like fewer grey backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines to make space for text to be easier to read. The company has also given the buttons higher contrast.

Aside from the redesign, Twitter has also launched the Voice Transformer feature to the Twitter Space specifically for iOS users to change the sound of their voices like a built-in voice changer.


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