Trade-In Up to 5 Devices with Samsung's "Tukar Beli" Programme for Better Discounts

Samsung fans, if you're eyeing Samsung's latest devices, you can actually enjoy discounts up to RM4,680 through its "Tukar Beli" programme while also saving the environment.

Now, you can trade in up to 5 devices to receive a better discount for your new purchase. All you need to do is bring your old devices either a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, to a participating outlet in exchange for a new device that's on your desired list. The staff will make you an offer based on the value of your old devices and you'll only need to pay the remaining amount from the price of the new device.

To trade your old devices, you must make sure that they follow these requirements:

  1. You must be the legal owner of the trade-in device(s).

  2. The trade-in device(s) must not be tied to any existing contract with Telcos.

  3. Trade-in smartphone(s) must not be network and IMEI blocked, reported as stolen or counterfeit.

  4. Trade-in device(s) must be unlocked from iCloud or Google account.

If you're planning to buy the latest Galaxy Z Flip3 or Galaxy Z Fold3, this trade-in programme might just be what you need.

Visit Samsung's website for more information about the programme.

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