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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Will Shut Down on 4 October 2021

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has announced that it will no longer be releasing new content and the servers will be shut down on 4 October this year.

“This was not an easy decision, but after exploring multiple options with our teams, we came to the conclusion that it was no longer sustainable. We want to assure you all that we really gave it our best, especially with big updates like Season 2, and it was a truly rewarding experience to work with you, our passionate community!” said Ubisoft.

The free-to-play action RPG was only released worldwide in August last year but failed to find its audience, forcing the shut down only one year after the launch.

“We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed playing with us as much as we have enjoyed making the game and engaging with you all on social media and Discord. We hope that some of you stick around with us and have fun reaching level 70 and unlocking all of the soldiers you can before we say goodbye.”

Although the Elite Squad story will come to an end after 4 October, Ubisoft has announced the new Tom Clancy’s XDefiant this week. The first test period for the free-to-play game will begin on 5 August, with more tests planned for the winter.


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