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Tivoli Model Three BT Review: The Timeless Clock Radio With Modern Connectivity!

As of recent times, not many people would consider using a clock radio as a form of entertainment, especially in comparison to their smartphones or laptops. However, clock radios still possess a unique charm which makes them useful. Recently, we’ve obtained the Tivoli Model Three BT clock and in this review article, we’ll be discussing our thoughts about it.



Decent Audio Quality

Audio when using radio might be filled with static noise

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

More value towards aesthetic than functionality 

Wide range of connectivity ports

Tivoli Model Three BT

RM 1,799


The Tivoli Model Three BT is a decently sized clock radio that has a design which is similar to its predecessor, the Tivoli Model One. The sturdy wood-like exterior of the radio clock comes in Walnut/Beige colour. In terms of its dimensions, the Model Three BT measures at 114 x 212 x 133 mm, meaning that it would not take too much space in your bedroom or living space.

It also features an analog clock meant for timekeeping and an AM/FM tuner with a speaker that is set on the top of the radio instead of the front. Personally, when I first got this clock radio, I felt that it had an interesting retro design especially with its wooden surface, and it also reminded me of an old-fashioned radio from the past.


Although the controls for the Model Three BT looked complicated at first, I believe that it was really simple to use and does not require much thought at all. Firstly, there are two knobs on the face of the clock radio, the top knob used to control the audio volume, while the bottom knob is the power source and is also used to switch between FM, AM and Bluetooth controls. In addition, there is also a 5:1 ratio tuning dial at the side which is meant to help change between radio stations. The same can be said for setting the alarm for the Model Three BT as well, as the clock can be set by rotating the bezel surrounding the clock anticlockwise. As for the snooze and alarm  buttons, which are located just below the clock face, can be turned on with a click of a button.

Meanwhile, at the back of the Model Three BT, there is a FM antenna which is used to improve the reception of the radio signal waves to ensure that users will be able to listen to their favourite radio stations. 


The Tivoli Model Three BT is built with a powerful audio engine which helps to deliver high-quality analog sound from its speakers. Whether placed in the bedroom or in the living room, the Model Three BT is able to fill the room with rich sounding audio. Regardless of the genres being played, this clock radio is able to automatically adjust the output to match the audio from the songs in order to create musically accurate sounds.

Personally, when using the Model three BT I felt like the audio quality was decent, however, the same could not be said when using the radio as I felt that the audio was filled with too much static noise to fully enjoy the listening experience.

Connectivity & Playback

Besides its impressive sound quality, the Tivoli Model Three BT also offers a wide range of connectivity options for users for convenience. With built-in Bluetooth technology, users will be able to connect seamlessly to the clock radio and listen to their favourite songs! Asides from that, there is also a wide range of connectivity ports, located at the back of the Model Three BT are several ports which would allow users to be able to connect to other devices such as subwoofers or speakers.


Overall, I would recommend the Tivoli Model Three BT. The clock radio showcases the best of both worlds by showcasing its retro design with its modern functionality, allowing the Model Three BT to fit into most house spaces. Although the price for this clock radio is more expensive compared to others, the features and quality makes it something to consider getting! The decent sound quality also allows you to listen to your favourite music and radio stations at ease. Besides, not only will you be able to listen to music throughout the night, but you’ll also be able to wake up with the clock radio right beside you. Thus, for those of you who enjoy spending time in the bedroom, listening to music, the Tivoli Model Three BT is definitely something you should get for yourself!


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