• Stephanie

This Japanese Gaming Cushion is Everything Mobile Gamers Have Ever Needed

PC Gamers have gaming chairs, console gamers have plush couches, and now, mobile gamers have gaming cushions for the ultimate comfort during play sessions.

Frankly, mobile gaming has never been the most comfortable activity - you either end up with sore arms if you're holding the phone up to eye level, or a sore neck if you're looking down at the phone resting in your lap.

Or you could be one of those magical humans who actually care about ergonomics and sits upright while resting their arms on a table - which almost inevitably leads to sore elbows after a while.

Now, all those troubles have become a thing of the past with the arrival of the 'Turn A' cushion, named as such because it looks like a giant reversed form of the letter A. The stems of the 'A' curl around your waist, providing ample room to rest your arms or elbows for extended periods of mobile (or handheld console) gaming.

The benefits don't stop there though - the 'Turn A' cushion is indeed a versatile little plush, and also works to support your chest and chin if you prefer laying face-down. There are also pockets to store snacks (yay), and a smartphone holder to perch your device if you want to go hands-free for vlogging or couch TikToks.

Such luxury doesn't come cheap though - the cushion is listed at 5,980 yen on their website, which roughly equates to RM243.

For such a pretty penny, it might be worth DIY-ing your own by propping a bunch of pillows and blankets on your lap. (I'll still be putting this on my birthday wishlist though!)

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