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This Foldable iPhone Concept Looks Stunning

There have been rumors that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone and recently, designer Antonio De Rosa shared a series of renders on Twitter of what looks like a flip iPhone.

Dubbed as the iPhone Air by De Rosa, the foldable resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 while retaining the look of an iPhone. Like the Galaxy Z Flip, it folds into a compact design that can fit nicely into pockets. The outer display is where you can view notifications, and it's arranged right next to the triple camera module like what you see on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Another element that resembles the current iPhone design is the flat edges that can be found on both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Another interesting element on De Rosa's design is the lack of notch on current iPhone displays. Instead, it uses a pill-shaped cutout and a round cutout, which are said to be replacing the iPhone's notch.


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