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There’s a Limited Edition Razer X Genshin Impact Collab Set on Taobao

If you’re a fan of Razer and Genshin Impact, you might want to check out the Razer x Genshin Impact collaboration set on Razer’s Taobao store.

The Razer x Genshin set was spotted and shared on Reddit by agneauette recently, although Indonesian stores Naderu and Q-Love had posted about its contents on their Facebook pages a couple of weeks earlier on November 14 (helpful, since I can barely read Mandarin). The Razer peripherals you get are a keyboard with Razer Chroma RGB and a mouse. They come with extra goodies like a Paimon plushie, a couple of standees (one for the Traveler, the other for their sibling), three badges, stickers, and some in-game rewards.

Image source: agneautte via Reddit

The contents come in a 430 x 270 x 170mm box with a cover featuring the Traveler and their sibling. It’s pretty enough that you’ll probably want to keep for display purposes. In comparison, the white peripherals are rather bland-looking and not exactly Genshin Impact-themed.

The Razer x Genshin set is priced at ¥1499 (~RM928) and is limited to 100 sets, so you might want to hurry if it catches your fancy.


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