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The Vono SpinePro Plus Series is the Mattress that Gamers Need

If you're a gamer, you have most probably suffered from neck and backaches now and then, all thanks to the amount of time you spend sitting in front of your PC every day. Insufficient sleep is also another common "routine" for you.

Now, in order to help improve your sleep quality, Vono's SpinePro Plus series mattress provides you with optimum back support and helps your body discharge static. The new SpinePro Plus series is inspired by Japanese Seigaiha Design, which symbolizes power and resistance. It features anti-static knitted fabric that can discharge body static for a restful deep sleep, less tossing and turning around the bed. The mattress is also dust-resistant to minimize respiratory ailments.

The Vono SpinePro Plus comes with the 1200 Pocketed Intalok Springing System or the 800 Intalok Springing System, a sturdy support with body movement isolation and durability for comfortable sleep. It is made from superior carbon steel and has at least twice more spring counts than ordinary mattresses. For enhanced back support, it has ultra lumbar support.

The Vono SpinePro Plus series is now available from RM2,518 with a 50% discount. For every purchase, you will receive a Vono Mattress Protector, Vono Pillow, and limited-edition Japanese plate.

Visit Vono Malaysia's website or Facebook page for more information.


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