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The Textorcist Is This Week’s Free Epic Games Store Game

Epic Games Store is offering the bullet hell-and-typing game hybrid The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia as this week’s free game.

The premise sees the titular “private exorcist” dealing with a “demonic outbreak” and his own demons from the past. In combat, you’ll be typing out Ray’s exorcisms (joypads are also supported) while avoiding enemy projectiles, hence the hybrid nature of the game.

The full experience is apparently a bit nuttier than that though, with the game also having “bad jokes”, metal singers, and goth maids. Ray also isn’t limited to dodging projectiles while he types, with the description listing bomb defusal, singing at a metal show, and “dealing with puddles of barf” as well. Being a private exorcist sure seems difficult.

As for the plot, the store page says, “Behind a demonic outbreak, unearthly forces are scheming to seize power and subvert the order of the the biggest religious organization in Rome: The Holy Church has reached unlimited powers over the streets of the city, but how can our protagonist be sure of their good deeds? Unravel the demonic plot aimed to overturn the order in the city and put together the pieces of the dark past behind Ray Bibbia!”

You can grab the game here. #epicgamesstore #textorcist


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