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The Lenovo Legion Y90 Will Feature SSD and UFS 3.1 Storage in Raid 0 Configuration

Ahead of its release on 28 February, Lenovo teased on Weibo that the upcoming Legion Y90 will be the industry's first to have RAID 0 configuration.

The Legion Y90 will also be equipped with an SSD and UFS 3.1 storage chips. While SSDs on phones is not something new as Apple has been using them since the iPhone X, Lenovo's heterogeneous design allows for using the standard UFS storage system alongside an SSD working in RAID 0 configuration.

RAID 0 is a method of increasing storage performance by using two drives working simultaneously and writing bits of the data to each of them. It's usually used on high-end PCs and laptops. With the release of the phone, Lenovo may have achieved a breakthrough as the company says that it will improve the read and write speeds of the UFS 3.1 storage by 50%.


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