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The International 10 to Take Place in Romania

The International 10 has found a new venue, and is set to kick off in October.

Valve announced that the Dota 2 tournament will take place at the Arena Nationala stadium in Bucharest, Romania. The Group Stage will be held from October 7 to 10, while the Main Stage will begin on October 12.

Finally, October 17 will see the top two teams battling for the Aegis of Champions and their respective share of The International 10’s prize pool of $40,018,195 (~RM166,935,900).

“We are grateful for the partnership we have formed with Romania and the city of Bucharest, and very much look forward to gathering with the global Dota 2 community, both in-person and virtually, to celebrate the elite players and amazing fandom at The International,” said Valve on the Dota 2 blog.

Information on ticket sales are set to “come shortly”.

The International 10 was originally meant to take place in Sweden. It was postponed from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the reason for the venue change this year was due to the Swedish Sports Federation voting to not allow esports into the sports federation in June.


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