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The growth of the Firewall franchise for PlayStation VR2

Sony has officially announced Firewall Ultra, the follow-up to 2018's PSVR-exclusive first-person shooter Firewall.

"Firewall Ultra makes use of new PlayStation VR 2 Sense Technology capabilities like eye tracking, which allows you to intuitively swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators via cameras incorporated into the PSVR 2 headgear," stated Frank Marm, Firewall community manager.

"Firewall Ultra is the next step in the Firewall series. We're taking advantage of the new features that the PS VR2 has to offer, and we're thrilled to show you how we've used some of them in Firewall Ultra" said Frank Marm on PlayStation.Blog.

“Since PSVR 2 offers a much higher level of visual fidelity with 4K HDR, we’ve completely remade all character models,” said Marm. “The maps have also seen a complete overhaul, with new areas and new textures.” Other upgrades include new dedicated servers, which have long been desired by the firewall community. Each match will now be a best of three, and Firewall Ultra will even include a new PVE experience.

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