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The Google Pixel 4a's Enigmatic Store Listing Requires You to Solve a Puzzle

Well, that's one way of marketing an unreleased product.

Then again, Google's upcoming Pixel 4a is not really a closely guarded secret, having had its fair share of leaks since late last year. Anyway, Google has switched to full-gear in promoting its newest phone, starting with a playful 'unfinished' shop listing featuring a colour-changing redacted headline and the classic 'lorem ipsum' filler text.

The phone in question is present as a model with absent textures - unfortunately that's all we'll get to see of it for now.

And in case you missed it, the colour-changing redacted headline isn't merely aesthetic - it's a puzzle you'll need to solve to reveal the phone's release date: 3 August 2020.

This little gimmick is paired with updates to their social media - Google's official Twitter name now reads as "The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream", while their profile header has also been changed to match the redacted headline design. The profile link also takes you back to the aforementioned store page.

If you wanna try your hand at solving the puzzle, be sure to visit the page here.

(Here's a hint: *SPOILER ALERT* check out the colours on the Google logo.)

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