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The Galaxy S22 Ultra's Display is a Delight

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You'll probably think of work whenever you see stylus support on your devices, serious work, or creative work. Last time, we mentioned how the S Pen helps in increasing your productivity. The Galaxy S22 Ultra's display is more than a display for drawing, scribbling, or taking notes.

In fact, the S22 Ultra has a large immersive 6.8" Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a sharp 3088 x 1440 (WQHD+) resolution at maximum. It also gives you an HD+ and an FHD+ resolution option, for you to choose visuals over battery or vice versa. Either way, we've enjoyed watching dramas and movies on the Galaxy device. The colors are rich and vibrant with deep blacks. Even though Samsung claims that the higher resolution will consume more battery, we didn't notice much battery loss when watching videos at the highest resolution.

Another tweak that Samsung has made to the S22 Ultra is its peak brightness. The phone hits a peak of 1750 nits, which may not be obvious but is noticeably brighter when you compare it to the S21 Ultra. Gone are the days when you have to cover the phone's screen with one hand while looking at it outdoors because it's too bright outside that you can't see what's on the screen. The S22 Ultra's display is comfortably bright that you can see things at ease outdoors. If you still want to punch up the brightness, there's an "Extra Brightness" feature under the Display settings to increase the maximum brightness but of course, at the cost of the battery life.

More specially, Samsung has introduced a new Vision Booster technology in the S22 series, including the S22 Ultra and the S22+, which we've previously reviewed. The technology measures the ambient brightness and adjusts the brightness as well as the color and contrast to make sure you can see what's on the display either in bright light or in pitch-black darkness. This means you can reply to texts while you're walking down the streets under direct sunlight (but remember to be mindful of your surrounding).

Aside from everything mentioned above, the display has a super smooth 120Hz adaptive refresh rate that starts from just 1Hz. You may not notice it in your daily tasks but it's buttery smooth especially when you're playing graphics-intensive games, along with a paired 240Hz touch sampling rate. If you're curious about how the S22 Ultra performs, read here. With that, the S22 Ultra is an excellent display for your entertainment and certainly a "bright" companion when you're outdoors.


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