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The Division 2 is banning players for exploiting game mechanics and system for XP

The Division 2 development team announced via Twitter, warning players who "circumvent game mechanics and systems in order to gain an excessive amount of XP in a short amount of time." Players that make use of these exploits will receive a temporary ban from the game, repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

This is because the exploits are causing high latency on The Division 2 servers, making the game unstable to play. Thus, the developers mentioned that they will be monitoring players' behaviors and taking swift action against offenders.

Despite these issues, The Division 2 is still a good looter shooter game that has been receiving continuous support from developers after its release. Features new expansions and endgame content that can keep players playing for months and years. Therefore, players are urged to play fair with the game mechanics to avoid getting banned.

Source: Twitter


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