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The Arena of Valor Championship Southeast Asia Wildcard Round to Kick Off on 6 May

Garena has announced that the Southeast Asia (SEA) Wildcard Round is set to take place on 6 and 7 May, featuring 4 teams across the region to fight for a spot at the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2022 group stage. The winner will also win a US$3,000 (~RM13,017) prize.

The Wildcard Round will see 4 teams from Indonesia (AoV Star League), Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, 1 team from each country, participate in the semi-finals on 6 May and the grand finals on 7 May. The participating teams are ARCHANGEL (Indonesia), A DOPE TEAM (Malaysia), Tamago (Singapore), and IMPERIAL ESPORTS (the Philippines).

The semi-finals will follow a best-of-3 format with the top 2 teams advancing to the grand finals while the finals will go with a best-of-5 format with the winner moving to the Group Stages of AIC 2022. The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube on 6 and 7 May.


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