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TGS2022 "Sense of Wonder Night 2022" Grand Prix will be "SCHiM"

A indie game that you can only move within the shadow.

This is a game where players will be moving around the city by manipulating a spiritual essence called "Skim" that can only move in the shadows that wanting to return to the body. Players will be able to interact with the enviroment to create another shadow for you to travel on. Besides, there will also be joggers or vehicles travelling around the Dutch-inspired locations where players are given a choice to follow their shadow to head to the desired place.

The action element of jumping between the shadow along with puzzle element of utilizing the surrounding element are well mixed, the balance between "action game" and "puzzle game" are also highly graded. The art style of this game is fairly unique that emphasize the contrast between light and shadow where the colour theme are mostly monochromatic which makes the city stands out to be stylish and distinctive.

Overall, it may be said SCHiM is a game that play by the rules like a childhood game, where you only be able to travel in the shadow, once you are exposed to the light, it's game over. But in SCHiM, you will be spawned back to the previous shadow so players are welcomed to try out any steps with confidence. Although the game announcement date have not release yet, people who are interested can add the game to wishlist on Steam to be notified when its out.


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