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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game reveals the main theme and character cards

The adaptation game of a classic 70's horror movie

According to a video on the official Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Twitter page, Tregenza said that the main theme was "made of pig screams, chainsaws, and scraped metal", among other equipment like the Soma Lyra drone machine, assuring fans that "there's a lot more to come."

You can check out the main theme below:

Aside from the main theme of the game, Gun Interactive also revealed a series of 70's style character cards that details the biographical info and in-game attributes of each of the game's five main victims.

(image source: MP1ST)

These throwback cards provide a foundation for the game's story while also adding a visual flourish that evokes the era of baseball cards. Check out the official Community Hub to learn more about the victim's story.

Lastly, the Texas Chain Saw Massacre has an undefined 2023 release date for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the gameplay trailer which was released back in June if you wanna know more about the plot and survival-focused gameplay.


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