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Tencent Games Teases Upcoming FPS 'SYN'

Set in a cyberpunk universe, Tencent Games revealed its upcoming project - a first-person shooter codenamed 'SYN'

Made with Unreal Engine (a game development and modeling software), 'SYN' was unveiled during Tencent Games' annual conference on 27 June. Developed in-house by Tencent's Lightspeed & Quantum Studios (who also made PUBG Mobile), SYN is marked as an open world first person shooter game available to PC and consoles. After releasing an ultra-realistic demo video during the conference, they've made many people - including myself - look forward to the game's eventual release.

Packed with fully-customisable characters in beautiful Unreal graphics, cute companion skins (you can have a bear companion!) and your own sweet ride, the only thing missing is the gameplay - which we'll likely have to wait until 2021 for a reveal. Though the demonstration doesn't leave much to the imagination, we certainly look forward to what else SYN will bring to the table next year.


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