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Telegram Adds Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, and More for New Update

Telegram has rolled out a new update with new features like chat themes, interactive emoji, detailed read receipt in group chats, as well as live streams and video chats recordings.

Firstly, you can set a new chat theme from a selection of 8 themes available (Telegram is planning to add more in the future). When you apply the theme, you and your friend will receive the change. Each theme has a day and night mode that you can choose from.

The interactive emoji feature lets you share emotions in real-time. When you send out any of the selected animated emojis, you can tap on it to trigger a full-screen effect, which will be visible to you and your friend present in the chat at that moment. You'll also receive a vibration when the effect is playing.

If you're in a small group chat, you can now select a message to see which group member has seen it. This read receipt will only be available for 7 days from the day the message was sent.

Lastly, group admins can now record live streams and video chats. Admins can use the record feature when a live stream is going on, with or without visual, in both portrait and landscape modes. The recording will then be uploaded instantly to Saved Messages.


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