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TED Talks are Coming to Clubhouse

The organization behind TED Talks, TED has partnered with Clubhouse to offer exclusive drop-in audio chats to the social media app.

The first show, Thank Your Ass Off, will debut on July 12 at 11am Eastern Time (11pm Malaysian Time) with TED speaker A.J.Jacobs joined by Clubhouse creator and former music industry executive Mir Harris, where they will invite guests and other Clubhouse members to express their gratitude for the “unsung heroes” in their lives, as well as engage with listeners to answer questions.

The agreement allows TED to sell ads and sponsorships for its conversations and Clubhouse won’t take a share. It’s still not clear if the chats will be available as podcasts or other on-demand recordings.

Other shows and participating TED speakers in the partnership will be announced at a later date, the companies said.

The partnership was foreseen when Clubhouse hired TED’s former head of conferences, Kelly Stoetzel, to oversee thought leadership programming back in May. “This partnership will bring those minds into a dialogue with the millions of creators who make up the Clubhouse community,” said Stoetzel.


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