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Tears of Themis Limited-Time Event "Romantic Rail Getaway" Will Arrive Soon

HoYoverse, formerly known as miHoYo, has announced a new limited-time event "Romantic Rail Getaway - Treasured Time with Him" that will be available from 25 February - 13 March. When the event begins, players will be able to explore a journey of exquisite wine and culture or a journey rich in historical heritage, or both.

Each route has 5 destinations and the train will arrive at a different location every day. Players will have to use AP to explore the destinations and earn Stellin, card level-up materials, and more. There will also be free event R cards: Artem "Sweet Tastes" and Vyn "Whole New Experience". During the event period, SSR Artem "Sunshine After the Rain" and Vyn "Food for Thought" will receive a rate-up.

Players' experiences will be recorded in the Travel Diary but the two routes cannot be explored at the same time. Players will be able to unlock 10 character-specific travel voice lines after finishing each story.

New Invitations for the event, "Lombardia Travels" and "Countryside Outing" will be available for purchase for a limited time, and players can enjoy a discount after they complete the travel routes.

Additionally, the Main Story Episode 6 "A Vicious Cycle (I)" will be released on 4 March, in which players will investigate the death of a college student at her part-time job.


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